Sensory Processing Solutions for Everyone!

Digital Starter Kits to help you support sensory processing with all children!

Does this sound familiar?

Your child or student is struggling with sensory processing… and you’re struggling with how to help support them.

You aren't sure which sensory tools or solutions will work for your child or student.

You're struggling with how to support your child's emotional regulation skills… you feel like you are walking on egg-shells around them.

You are spending countless hours researching on Google or scrolling Pinterest looking for the right sensory solutions for your child or student.

Empower yourself and your child with sensory solutions handpicked for your situation!

We designed each starter kit to give you targeted sensory or emotional regulation tips, tools, and strategies that will give you a jump start in supporting your child or student.

No more scrolling through endless amounts of resources hoping that something will work for what you need.

We take the guess-work out of choosing the best solutions and give you exactly what you need to get started in supporting your child or student with sensory processing and emotional regulation.

Introducing the digital Starter Kit Collections from Sensory Processing Explained

Sensory Processing Digital Starter KitEmotional Regulation Digital Starter Kit
Need an overview of sensory processing and some get-started tips, tools, and strategies? Then the Sensory Processing Starter kit is for you. Get our comprehensive ebook Sensory Processing Explained, along with an easy workbook for kids to understand sensory processing, and with a visual schedule to start setting up your home or classroom for success.
In order for children to self-regulate, they need to understand their feelings and emotions. In this Emotional Regulation Starter Kit, we give you hands-on ways to teach your child or students about their emotions and ways to self-regulate!

Teaching Kids About Digital Sensory Starter KitSensory-Friendly Classroom Digital Starter Kit
One of the best ways to encourage independence with sensory regulation skills is to teach kids about their sensory systems. In this Teaching Kids About Sensory Starter Kit, we provide you with the best activities and printables to do just that. Children will enjoy fun and hands-on activities while discovering all 8 sensory systems and how they can affect their emotions and reactions.
Incorporating sensory-friendly activities and strategies into your classroom benefits all children, not just those with sensory processing challenges. Get all the tools you need to create a sensory-friendly classroom with our Sensory-Friendly Classroom Starter Kit.

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Advocate for your child's needs.
Feel empowered with solutions.

What's Inside the Sensory Processing Digital Starter Kit?

Sensory Processing Explained: A Handbook for Parents and Educators (Valued at $19.99): Designed to give parents and educators the tips, tools, and strategies they need to not feel overwhelmed with sensory challenges their child is facing in the home or classroom. This comprehensive ebook is your go-to-guide for all things regarding sensory processing in the home or classroom. Digital Download Version.

My Sensory Self Workbook (Valued at $7.00): Help children discover the world of sensory processing, what makes them tick and how sensory processing can affect their life. Includes information about all 8 sensory systems and helps kids discover their own unique sensory preferences and dislikes. Digital Download Version.

Visual Schedule for Special Needs (Valued at $12.00): The visual schedule for special needs breaks down everyday routines into manageable tasks. It also includes prompts created especially for children with special needs, but children of all abilities can benefit from it. Create calmer mornings and make transitions easier for your child. Digital Download Version.

  • The total value of this digital starter kit is $38.99. Your price is just $20 (USD), at almost 50% off! All products are digital download/PDF files.

What's Inside the Emotional Regulation Digital Starter Kit?

Teaching Emotions Printable Packet (Valued at $19.99): This printable pack allows kids opportunities to expand their emotional vocabulary and give them ways to practice in fun and engaging ways. Includes Emotion 3 Part Cards, Feelings Bingo, I Can Draw my Emotions, Feelings Jenga, My Feelings Journal, My Feelings Mini Book, My Feelings Thermometer, and Emotion Words Chart.

Emotion Cards for Kids (Valued at $10.00): Visual emotion cards for children to understand and learn about their emotions. It also includes caregiver and educator tips on the back to help your child discover and regulate their emotions. Includes 12 common emotions: Happy, Sad, Angry, Excited, Scared, Embarrassed, Disappointed, Confused, Frustrated, Nervous, Proud, and Silly.

Learn About Emotions Printable Packet (Valued at $5.00): Encourage your child to learn about their emotions with this digital packet. It includes cards for the following emotions: Happy, Bored, Confident, Embarrassed, Grumpy, Tired, Excited, Sad, Disappointed, Surprised, Worried, Grateful, Curious, Angry, Confused, Frustrated, Silly, Scared, Shy and Proud. It also includes playdough mat pages and cards to play an emotion matching game.

Sensory Break Cards for Home (Valued at $5.00): 52 sensory break cards for home. Designed to be used with minimal sensory tools or easy, DIY options from around the house. Activities are divided into green cards for calming, red cards for alerting, and yellow cards that can be both alerting or calming activities.

Emotions Playdough Mats Bundle (Valued at $5.00): Includes Emotion Spelling Words Playdough Mats, Understanding Emotions Pirate Playdough Mats, and Understanding Emotions Birthday Party Playdough Mats.

  • The total value of this digital starter kit is $44.99. Your price is just $20 (USD), at 56% off! All products are digital download/PDF files.

What's Inside the Teaching Kids About Sensory Digital Starter Kit?

My Sensory Self Workbook (Valued at $7.00): My Sensory Self Workbook was designed just for kids. It is meant to help them discover their own sensory preferences and explore each of the eight sensory systems. This workbook will help kids to celebrate their sensory differences and to better communicate their sensory needs. My Sensory Self is perfect for use with your child in the home or with students in the classroom.

– When I Feel Overload – A My Sensory Self Workbook (Valued at $7.00): Debriefing with your child after a meltdown is such an essential step for both of you. It empowers your child to discover their own self-regulation strategies and gives you both ways to overcome those sensory meltdowns, overload and discover their triggers. Using the When I Feel Overload workbook encourages your child to think through their reactions to a meltdown and how they can react differently to their emotions, triggers, and signs of overload.

Sensory Memory Game (Valued at $5.00): This fun matching game helps children identify and learn about the 8 sensory systems. It includes printable playing and matching cards along with game directions and expansion ideas. The Sensory Systems Memory Game is a great way to reinforce the concepts kids learn in My Sensory Self Workbook for Kids.

My Senses Summer Day Camp Program (Valued at $19.99): Have you ever struggled in explaining what sensory processing is to a child? Most of the information about sensory processing on the interwebs is designed for adults. If you do find something geared for children, it likely only talks about the five senses, not all eight major senses. That is why this My Senses Summer Day Camp program was created. You can use this program any time of the year, in fact, a few teachers have used it in their Kindergarten classrooms as a unit lesson on the senses. This program is designed for ages 3-9.

My Senses Play Dough Mats (Valued at $5.00): Combine the power of sensory play using playdough to learn about all 8 sensory systems with this fun sensory systems playdough mats. Simply, print, laminate and have fun!

  • The total value of this digital starter kit is $43.99. Your price is just $20 (USD), at 55% off! All products are digital download/PDF files.

What's Inside the Sensory-Friendly Classroom Digital Starter Kit?

– Teacher's Handbook to Sensory Processing in the Classroom (Valued at $10): This concise eBook discusses sensory processing, concerns to look out for, 504 plans, IEPs, sensory ideas for schools, discussing sensory concerns with parents, sensory overload, and creating a sensory-friendly classroom.

Sensory Break Cards for the Classroom (Valued at $5.00): 47 sensory break cards for the classroom. Designed to be used with minimal sensory tools or easy, DIY options, use in small spaces, and with multiple children. Activities are divided into green cards for calming, red cards for alerting, and yellow cards with activities that can be both alerting or calming.

Sensory Memory Game (Valued at $5.00): This fun matching game helps children identify and learn about the 8 sensory systems. Includes printable playing and matching cards along with directions for how to play the game.

Sensory Science ebook Volume 1 (Valued at $12.00): Our goal with this book is to offer you a guide to providing these sensory-rich experiments with your students. Each of the activities in the book focuses on one or more of the eight sensory systems. This volume covers the themes of Colors, The Senses, and Nature. Each activity comes with step-by-step directions, activity adaptations, and discussion points. The Sensory Science Book also includes a supply list. All of the activities are geared towards preschool through 3rd grade.

Sensory Motor Walk Station (Valued at $5.00): Use the 10 printables in this packet to create your own 10 station sensory-motor walk in your classroom or hallway at your school. Each activity is designed to specifically help with alerting, organizing, and focusing students with core, crossing midline, and calming activities so your student returns to class at the just-right level of attention and focus.

Sensory Corner Posters (Valued at $5.00): Create your own sensory or calming corner in your classroom or sensory room with these sensory corner posters.

Sensory System Posters (Valued at $2.50): Use these 8 sensory systems posters to help others understand what each sensory system is in easy to understand “kid” language.

  • The total value of this digital starter kit is $44.50. Your price is just $20 (USD), at 55% off! All products are digital download/PDF files.

Who Are We?

We are Heather Greutman and Sharla Kostelyk.

We both run on our respective websites, but we both have a passion for sharing about

sensory processing and so Sensory Processing Explained was born.

Heather Greutman (left) is a certified Occupational Therapy Assistant with experience
in school-based settings working with preschool through high school-age children.
She now stays home to homeschool her two children and shares her passion
for child development and Occupational Therapy at her site Growing-Hands On Kids.

Sharla Kostelyk (right) is a mom of 7 children, 5 of whom are diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. She shares about her personal experience with parenting children with sensory challenges and more at her site, The Chaos And The Clutter.
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The starter kits include tools, tips, and strategies that can be used with preschoolers, elementary school-aged children, as well as with older kids and teens.

Some products are recommended for specific ages and will be included in the description of each product listed above.

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