Overcoming Meltdowns
is a Huge gift.

Prevention is even better.

Does this sound familiar?

Your child or student is having a meltdown… and you’re struggling with how to react.

How do you keep your cool, while still being able to cope with the meltdown?

Is it a tantrum or is your child having a response to sensory overload and having a meltdown?

The meltdowns seem to come out of nowhere and you can’t seem to figure out what the triggers are. Where do you start?

You aren’t sure if you are supporting the behavior with the right sensory solutions or if you’re just reinforcing “bad” behavior.

When we talk to parents, therapists, and teachers about their biggest struggles with their child or student, meltdowns are often at the top of the list.

Get solutions, Not temporary fixes.

Manage MeltdownsLearn Proven StrategiesUnderstand and Connect
What if that tantrum or meltdown is actually an involuntary sensory meltdown? Learn how to recognize the difference and how to respond in a way that reduces the frequency, intensity, and duration of meltdowns.
Go on a journey with Heather and Sharla as they show you proven strategies for preventing meltdowns from happening. They will walk you through what to do if they happen and give real answers.Relationships are the foundation for effectively understanding and connecting with children. Gaining a deeper sense of what your child or student is feeling allows you to have compassion and better meet their needs.

Establish Connection.
Advocate for your child’s needs.
Feel empowered with solutions.

What’s Inside?

21 Video Lessons to complete at your own pace on any device including written transcripts.

9+ Printable resources, charts, and guides.

– Countless takeaways that you can apply to your life right now + a workbook to record them.

– Additional resources.

Course List:


* Introduction to Overcoming Sensory Meltdowns
*What you need to know.

Is it Sensory or is it behaviour?

* Is it Sensory or is it behaviour?
* Sensory Meltdowns vs. Tantrums
* What does a Sensory Meltdown Look Like?

Sensory Meltdowns

* Causes of Sensory meltdowns
* Sensory Overload and Meltdowns
* Secondary Factors – Co-Morbidities


* Preventing Sensory Overload
* Preventing Sensory Meltdowns
* Preventing Sensory Triggers

How to Respond to a Sensory Meltdown

* How to Respond to a Sensory meltdown
* Staying Calm Yourself
* Sensory Meltdown Strategies
* Aggression, Defiance, and Violence
* Safety of the Child, Others, and Property
* Meltdowns in Public 
* Meltdowns in the Classroom

Going Forward

* Involving Professionals
* Talking to Family Members and School about Meltdowns
* Debriefing
* Additional Resources

Grab it now!

Who Are We?

We are Heather Greutman and Sharla Kostelyk.

We both run on our respective websites, but we both have a passion for sharing about

sensory processing and so Sensory Processing Explained was born.

Heather Greutman (left) is a certified Occupational Therapy Assistant with experience
in school-based settings working with preschool through high school-age children.
She now stays home to homeschool her two children and shares her passion
for child development and Occupational Therapy at her site Growing-Hands On Kids.

Sharla Kostelyk (right) is a mom of 7 children, 5 of whom are diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. She shares about her personal experience with parenting children with sensory challenges and more at her site, The Chaos And The Clutter.
  • Have any questions about the course? Navigate below to our FAQ to get answers. We know that if one person has a question, it often means that others are wondering the same thing, so we wanted to answer as many of those as we can. If you don’t find it, please reach out so that we can address your personal needs.
  • Real, actionable strategies to help prevent and diminish sensory meltdowns
  • Countless takeaways that you can apply to your life right now and a workbook to record them in
  • 21 video lessons
  • Full written transcripts plus video slides
  • Over 40 pages of printable resources
  • Additional resources
  • Beneficial take away notes for every lesson and actionable steps to implement today

The program includes strategies that can be used with preschoolers, elementary school aged children, as well as with older kids and teens.

At this time, there are no official continuing education credits offered for this program. However, Sharla and Heather are offering a certificate of completion to anyone who finishes the course and would like to try and submit for credits on their own.

No. You can go through the information at your own pace. All of the videos and resources are available to you right away and you can take as little or as much time as you need to go through them.

The program offers a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

The course is available at any time for $197! You have lifetime access to the course and can complete or watch lessons at your own pace.

30 day full money back for any reason, no questions asked.