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Overcoming Sensory Meltdowns


What’s Inside?

– 21 Video Lessons to complete at your own pace on any device.

 9+ Printable resources, charts, and guides.

– Countless takeaways that you can apply to your life right now + a workbook to record them.

– Additional resources.



Maybe you’re here because you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and even uncomfortable with how to respond to your child’s meltdowns. You might be questioning if their behavior is sensory or if it's defiant behavior. 

Or you know your child’s meltdowns are sensory-related but nothing seems to be working. You’ve tried everything you can think of and now feel lost and lack the confidence in how to help your child feel in control. 

You may even feel like your child is out to get you and their meltdowns come out of nowhere. 

Or maybe you have a child who is showing aggressive behavior towards yourself and others. The hitting, spitting, head banging, biting, scratching, and yelling is taking their toll on your relationship with your child. You feel physically and emotionally exhausted. 

We created this course to help you feel confident and overcome sensory meltdowns with proven sensory integration tips, tools, and strategies to help your child self-regulate and give you both a toolkit of ways to minimize sensory meltdowns and even catch them before they escalate. 


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