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Introduction to Sensory Digital Toolkit (Digital Download)


Three digital products to help you understand sensory processing and introduce sensory processing concepts to your child or students.

These products are digital downloads. You will not receive physical products in the mail.



Get all the tools you need to introduce yourself and your child to sensory processing tools, tips, and strategies.

In this Introduction to Sensory Digital Toolkit you will receive:

Sensory Processing Explained – A Handbook for Parents and Educators, Valued at $19.99 

With Sensory Processing Explained, discover…

  • easy to understand sensory information that you can share with parents and educators to help explain a child’s behavior
  • how to explain sensory processing to those who just don’t get it
  • what calming techniques and strategies can work during a sensory meltdown
  • easy sensory ideas to replicate at home
  • how teachers can accommodate kids with sensory processing challenges
  • strategies and activities that can be used with an entire classroom
  • information on all eight sensory systems and how they can affect behaviors (plus strategies and activities that can help with regulation)
  • just figuring out where to begin if you feel a child could be struggling with sensory processing


My Sensory Self Workbook, Valued at $10.00

My Sensory Self Workbook was designed just for kids. It is meant to help them discover their own sensory preferences and explore each of the eight sensory systems.

It includes a word search, questions intended to have children explore their own sensory preferences, and coloring pages of all eight sensory systems.

This workbook will help kids to celebrate their sensory differences and to better communicate their sensory needs.

My Sensory Self is perfect for use with your child in the home or with students in the classroom.


The Sensory Science Book, Valued at $12.00 

When we engage with the world around us using our senses, we not only gain a richer experience, we retain the information and build important pathways in the brain for higher-level learning.

Our goal with this book is to offer you a guide to providing these sensory-rich experiments with your children and students.

Whether you are a parent at home looking for after school or summer activities, a homeschool parent looking to add in hands-on learning, or a teacher wanting to provide hands-on experiments in the classroom, this book is for you!

Each of the activities in the book focuses on one or more of the eight sensory systems. These systems include:

  1. Gustatory/Taste
  2. Tactile/Touch
  3. Vision/Sight
  4. Auditory/Hearing
  5. Olfactory/Smell
  6. Vestibular
  7. Proprioception
  8. Interoception

This volume in The Sensory Science Book series covers the themes of ColorsThe Senses, and Nature. There are 5 activities for each of the themes for a total of 15 activities.

Each activity comes with step-by-step directions, activity adaptations, and discussion points. The Sensory Science Book also includes a supply list.


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