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Sensory Science Ebook Volume 1 – Colors, Senses, Nature

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Explore 3 themes of science using hands-on experiments and activities using all 8 senses. 30-page digital PDF download.


When we engage with the world around us using our senses, we not only gain a richer experience, we retain the information and build important pathways in the brain for higher-level learning.

Our goal with this book is to offer you a guide to providing these sensory-rich experiments with your children and students.

Whether you are a parent at home looking for after school or summer activities, a homeschool parent looking to add in hands-on learning, or a teacher wanting to provide hands-on experiments in the classroom, this book is for you!

Each of the activities in the book focuses on one or more of the eight sensory systems. These systems include:

  1. Gustatory/Taste
  2. Tactile/Touch
  3. Vision/Sight
  4. Auditory/Hearing
  5. Olfactory/Smell
  6. Vestibular
  7. Proprioception
  8. Interoception

This volume in The Sensory Science Book series covers the themes of ColorsThe Senses, and Nature. There are 5 activities for each of the themes for a total of 15 activities.

Each activity comes with step-by-step directions, activity adaptations, and discussion points. The Sensory Science Book also includes a supply list.

This digital download ebook is ideal for ages preschool through 3rd grade.


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