When I Feel Overwhelmed: Self-Regulation Strategies for Kids

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Children can often feel overwhelmed by a variety of things. It can be because of school assignments, issues with friends, family issues, struggle with emotions, or sensory processing challenges. We wanted to create something specifically for children, so this short video, When I Feel Overwhelmed will give self-regulation strategies for kids.

Green square image with white text in the middle which says "When I Feel Overwhelmed: A video guide for kids with self-regulation strategies.' Variety of colored emoji's showing emotions of sadness, anger, shock, crying, are scattered across the image.

One thing that we want to make sure we provide is strategies specifically for children when it comes to sensory overload and sensory processing. A lot of the information out there is geared towards adults to help children, which is also important. But if we can create things specifically for children to understand their sensory processing and ways to self-regulate, that is a powerful thing!

We created a very short, brand-new video, specifically for children when they feel overwhelmed. If you've taken our Overcoming Sensory Meltdowns course, you may recognize some of the things we say in this video.

You can also watch the video here on Facebook or on the YouTube embedded video below.

Also, here is a text transcript of what we said in the video.

Hi Kids, let's talk about when you feel overwhelmed.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by something or a situation?

Maybe there is too much noise and you've had enough.

Maybe you feel nervous about doing something new.

Or something happened that made you feel upset and angry.

When you feel angry or upset, do you ever feel like things are out of control?

You are not alone! Other kids feel this way too!

In fact, some kids told us how they feel when they don't feel in control of their bodies.

Here is how some of them described it:

“So itchy!”

“Going to explode!”

“Hulking out”

“Boiling over”

“Having a me tornado”

“Feeling like there is a bee storm all over my head”

Do you ever feel like that?

When you feel this way, what can you do to help yourself feel better and more in control of your body again?

I’m glad you asked! Let’s talk about some of those ways now.

  1. Get a drink of water
  2. Get some fresh air and take a walk or run outside. Make sure you ask an adult first before you go outside.
  3. Give yourself a hug
  4. Ask to go to a quiet space by yourself
  5. Take a deep breath and relax your breathing
  6. Roll up in a blanket and read a book
  7. Listen to some of your favorite music (with a headset)

When you feel more in control of your body and are ready to talk, talk to a trusted adult about how you are feeling.

Adults, you can find more resources for teaching children about sensory processing and overload at the links below:

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  1. Paula Aquilla

    Thank you for sharing this video- it’s great! Children need to know they are not alone in their experience sand you have addressed this well- thank you!

  2. Debra Lycett

    The child I take care of
    Will cry when I ask/ tell him to do something
    Also if I take this child anywhere such as toddler group will cry all the time we are there

  3. Kirsty

    My son hits out when something doesn’t go that way he wants it to and tells me he hates me and doesn’t want me to live here. Will this help?

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